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Quality Hand Dyed Crochet Thread, 4 Color Combination, 300 Yards


Beautiful quality hand dyed crochet thread. It consists of a 4 color combination using the ice method of dyeing. Colors include blue gray, dark gray, black cherry, and dark brown. This method of dyeing allows the colors to break and mix in a totally random way causing each skein to be unique and color coordinated.

I dye my thread in 900-yard lots in order to better contro lthe dyeing process, therefore no 2 batches are ever exactly alike.  If you are in need of a large quantity of thread please email me so I can make sure it all comes from the same dye lot.

As a convenience I ship all my thread in center pull cakes for easy ready to use thread.  No winding is required on your part. If you want your thread shipped in skein form please email me so I can accommodate your request.

Please be advised that each monitor displays color a little bit differently so the color you get may vary in shade or intensity from what you see in the photo.

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Processing Time: 3-5 business days

Content: 100% mercerized size 10 cotton thread

Colors: Dark Gray, Blue Gray, Black Cherry, Dark Brown

Size: 300-yard skeins

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold water, lay flat to dry.

 Gauge Information for Size 10 cotton thread


Lace weight size 0

Crochet Stitch Gauge for 4 inches of Double Crochet

32-42 stitches depending on hook size

For use with hook size



Lace Weight size 0

Knit Gauge Range for 4 inches of stockinette

33-40 stitches depending on needle size

0-1US, 2-2.25mm