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Crocheted Art Fiber Cuff Bracelet, Miniature Granny Squares, Non Metallic


Crocheted from fine cotton yarn, this art fiber cuff bracelet is made using 19  miniature granny squares.  The bracelet including the snap closure is entirely non-metallic and great for those with metal allergies.

*  Colors: Variegated Greens and Brown, Cream

*  Measurements: 9" long by 2.5 " wide.

*  Circumference when closed 8.25"

*  Materials:  100% cotton

*  Washing Instructions: Hand wash cold water only. Do not machine wash or place in dryer.  Do not use bleach.  Lay flat to dry.  You may iron the bracelet if needed, but DO NOT allow the iron to come into contact with the plactic fasteners for they will melt.