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Shipping Information

Shipping Info

By default I use USPS first class mail for all domestic and international packages. Domestic packages automatically include tracking while international packages include tracking if available. Faster forms of shipping are available from USPS and are offered as a shipping upgrade for your convenience. Any order over $50.00 will require insurance and a signature on delivery for safety. Please contact me before ordering if you have any questions that I can help you with.

Domestic Shipping

All shipping is based on weight, distance, and the final size of the package being shipping. The following is an estimate of shipping per item category.

* Thread, Buttons, and Jewelry (1) 2oz skein - $3.66, each additional item will add approximately $.30 or less to your shipping cost.

* Hats and Gloves (1) 4oz item - $3.66, each additional item will add approximately $.75 or less to your shipping cost.

* Slipper Socks and Leg Warmers (1) 6oz item - $3.92, each additional item will add approximately $1.00 or less to your shipping cost.

All stated shipping costs are estimates and may be higher or lower depending on distance and the final size and weight of your order.  Please be aware that any package that weighs 1lb or over will have to ship Priority Mail. Priority Mail costs start at $8.50.

International Orders

The absolute minimum shipping cost for first class international mail is $15. This is for weights up to 4oz. This amount may be higher for some countries. Please contact me if you need more information on International shipping.

Customs, Import Taxes, and Duty Fees

Customs, import taxes, and duty fees are charged by some countries on goods imported into that country. Every country has different regulations and different values for these taxes, and they are levied by the local governments on the residents of those countries. They are not included in the price of an item, and they are not part of the shipping costs. In addition, certain mail carriers in said countries may charge some sort of processing fees. I am not responsible for any of these taxes and/or fees and are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please contact your local postal service or government offices in order to know exactly how much those taxes are going to cost you. Please be aware that I will not mark purchases as a gift as this constitutes postal fraud which here in the US carries not only a substantial fine but time in prison.