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Fiber Bangle Bracelet Set, Crochet Jewelry, Mix and Match, Non Metallic


These fiber bangle bracelets are the latest addition to my crochet jewelry line.  Whether you wear a single bracelet or the entire set, is up to you. These bangles are completely non-metallic so they are soft, quiet, and comfortable to wear all day long.  Perfect for those with metal allergies.

Each bangle is made from hundreds of stitches using 100% cotton crochet thread.

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*Colors: Brown, Chartreuse, Salmon Pink, Variegated Moutain Breeze

* Circumference: 8.5"

* Diameter: 3"

* Thickness: .25"

* Hand wash cold water only

* Lay flat and shape into a circle to dry

* Do not use bleach, do not place in dryer